Game Night Verdicts #38 – The Romans

There are certain circles in this hobby where eurogames are looked down upon. There, these games are often decried as soulless cube-pushers, convoluted systems of oh-so-clever mechanisms with the vaguest semblance of a theme draped over them. They get criticized for their lack of player interaction. Playing them rarely succeeds in letting you feel something … More Game Night Verdicts #38 – The Romans

I’ve got a feeling – Emotional gameplay and such

After hearing about it for years, I‘ve finally witnessed it myself. During a recent game, a player suffered such a drastic setback, that tears started to roll. Admittedly, that player was my daughter and she still has a couple of kindergarten years before her, but still. The game caused such a strong response, that tears … More I’ve got a feeling – Emotional gameplay and such