Casting call – Podcast host

Position Vacant

Co-Host for a Board Game Podcast

Do you feel that today‘s podcast landscape lacks variety? Are there no voices out there that speak to you and your experience in the hobby? Well… tough luck.

Unless, you know, you join me on this podcast I‘m doing. Help shape a podcast that aims to be different, inclusive, enthusiastic and critical of games and gaming culture. If your sense of humour happens to be just a little off-beat, so much the better!


      • a genuine passion for gaming
      • a thirst for knowledge
      • a few hours per week to work on, with or in the vicinity of the show
      • basic recording equipment

Prior podcasting experience is welcome, but not necessary.

This ad was definitely not placed because you traveled back in time to encourage me to start a podcast with you. That is absolutely not what is happening here.

If you are based outside of Europe, time zone differences may apply. Please note any scheduling difficulties in your application.

Please send all inquiries to (c/o Georgios). Applications from outside the cis-het white male bracket are highly encouraged and welcome.

Just to reiterate: no time travel shenanigans.

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